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March 21,2016

I have met almost everyone I know in Karol Bagh. There are some taxi walla’s who I don’t know by name that still say hi to me.

I must cancel my MRI in Canada and my appointment with Dr. Tevendale. She is the doctor that checks me over. So I am fit enough for chemo.

A lab to get my blood work done before I get my chemo. I went to Subash’s pharmacy today and spoke with his brother. He can order the Temolozide. I also ordered dialantin and some none medicinal stuff. I don’t start the chemo until April 3rd. I met a partner of Subash’s that I met before but forgot his name. He is a Muslim guy. Super nice. He remembered me right away.

I went to the tattoo walla’s place to say hi but he was at the gym.

I got accosted by a young fellow driving an autorickshaw. It doesn’t take long for them to realize that I am not a tourist. Then it’s a bullshit session that begins with “what do I want”. “Nothing, no drinking, pure veg”. Most are stunned of this. Everyone in the west eat meat, drink and do drugs. All over women are whores.

Cara dresses appropriately but still gets looks. Not as much as she would if she wore western clothes. When I see men strongly eyeing her I make the “PPppssst” sound and they look away. If it got really bad I would say something.

Cara went to some yoga joint today I hope she makes out fine.

Tomorrow is Holi. I only remember one other time I celebrated Holi 1997.

There is a sewer system back up in certain parts of Karol Bagh. The Dalits are fishing the system with long pieces of bamboo tied together. There is shit water is running on the streets in some areas. I have an open sore on the bottom of my right foot. I cleared it up today and put polysporine on it. I also covered it with a patch of moleskin. I would not like to get laid up with a up with a foot I could not walk on. Keeping feet clean is very important. It’s not bad for me if I have been here for a while. I get surfers feet pretty quick with all my walking but with only one week in my feet are like butter. I walk in sandals. I have to watch the shit water even when I have moleskin covering my sore. I have to beware of this more. Cara was shocked at the condition. This is life.

There are a group of Aussies here. Aussies seem to be bread with big breasts. All the girls have low cut shirts. No scarfs No one has told them. As much as I like it I am sure the Indian man enjoys it more.

I have written three pages. There seems like nothing more in my head.

I ran another pen dry this afternoon.

Cara just arrived!! She didn’t go to the yoga place. Manish told her where I was. We are spice restaurant. It’s a foreigner place a for the most part they cater to tour groups in the evening and the NRI or Indian tourist arriving the day.

Later today:

I have let must expand my travels.

I want to kill someone. Any one. I don’t know why I feel this way. I have thought what it would feel to pierce flesh and hit bone.

I must be crazy.

I am trying to think of songs that have moved me beyond travel beyond that point of being in that place. I can’t remember thing anyone place. I believe that this is a deficit. Perhaps not maybe it’s because I longer use my faculties to the extent that they need to be utilized. I am suspect the latter.

I just went out for a smoke. I was accosted via the ‘police’. One was drunk as fuck.

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