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March 20, 2016

7.30 didn’t walk today nor yesterday. I slept all day yesterday. I have an appointment with the doctor today. At 11.30. Before that I need to go to the ATM, exchange my three ring binder for a two ring binder [I cannot find a three ring hole punch], pick up my glasses and pick up my new business cards. We will leave Karol Bagh around 9.00.

I had a filling fall out the other night. Have to find another dentist.

Just got back from the hospital. We spoke to Dr. S.K. Sogani Senior Consultant-Neurosurgery Apollo Super Specialty Hospital Institute of Neuroscience, very knowledgeable guy. He lives across from BLK hospital and invited Cara and I for a visit!! He got us an immediate appointment with Dr. P.K. Das senior consultant Apollo Cancer Institute. His wife is head of the radiation department.

Between the three of us it was decided that I would finish my next two rounds of chemo here then get a PET MRI scan and take it from there.

Apollo, in Delhi, is the only hospital in India that has a PET MRI machine and the only one in Asia. There are 20 of these machines in the world. I don’t know if Canada has one or not.

We discussed if the PET MRI scan shows there is growth we will probably do further resection via Cyber knife, the insertion of a BCNU water and the use of several other drugs. They will not use anything that has not passed phase three trials. They told me that, ideally rather than the next round of radiation it would be best to receive BNCT therapy (Boron Neutron Capture Therapy) but this will not arrive in India for another three years.

I don’t know if Canada has this or not and if they do I am sure I will be dead before my name gets on the top of the list. This is what, communism has given the world. The only way to unburden the system is the implementation of a two tier system. I have read of Canadian politicians, the very same people who let the two tier system live, go to the U.S. to skip the Canadian que. Asshats.

If I get radiation we will have to more to a hotel closer to the hospital. It only took khan 45 minutes to get to the hospital this morning. We took an autorickshaw back to CP. We were hungry.

I noticed cell phone rates have sky-rocketed.

I slept all day yesterday. In the past few sleeps Cara has mentioned that I have been crying in my sleep. I don’t remember this. I am having headaches but it’s probably stress.

I have lost 10 lbs. since arriving. I am sure it’s all water. The oncologist is weening me off the steroids. I should lose some water weight.

The ticker on the wall upon entering this place says they have 57 beers not 50. Its 3.30 and the place is empty. We were here on Saturday last time.

I am listening to a cover of “A million miles away”. It’s SHIT.

Once again we were the only westerners at Apollo. Everyone in North America goes to Mexico. There is no knowledge of expertise that is available India. Anything of substance needs to be treated in India.

I ordered four more pairs of specs. I don’t know where I keep losing these fucking these fucking things but at CAN $4-6 a pair it’s not a problem for me.

Cara doesn’t come over to the travel agency with me. This is understandable. It’s a boy club. Everyone talking in Hindi, smoking and drinking chai. The only real people there are Manish and Mr. Singh (chotu). Mr. Singh is a good guy. He is at the office at 7.30 every morning and closes up at 8.00. He feeds the cadre of dogs that hang out on our block. There is one dog who has remembered me for the last four years. As soon as I sat down, several days ago, he came over to me!! The dog who lost its ear has past. He was too old to deal with the infection in my opinion.

90% of the people at the International section at Apollo are Muslim. Either from Africa or the Middle East. I am surprised how white some of the Afghanis are - I noticed of this in 2004 whilst in Kashmir. On that journal I noted that I was suspect it was because the Russian Muslim breakaway states were so close. I still believe this perception to be true.

Fuck my neck has been sore. It’s not that every time I have an ache and pain I think of my tumor (I have written the contrary in the past). A pain at the top spine “Could” indicate migration. This is the shit that goes through my head. Not that I just slept on it wrong rather tumor related. If I didn’t have a tumor all worries would be for wont.

Because I ignored Manish yesterday he has his ass hairs in a knot. I will have to talk to him. Bibi-ji is with me thus I have company.

I am not sure if I want to celebrate Holi or not. If I don’t Cara will not be able to. It’s kinda like the water festival in South East Asia except with colored water all the males are drunk and there are no females in sight. Foreigners are a huge target as per.

Apparently my chemo, Temedor (Temolozide) is available through any pharmacy. On order of course. In Canada I can only pick up the chemo at the hospital.

Now that I know my next few months’ protocol I need to invite Tyler. He should see what the old man has been up to for the past seven years my next round of chemo ends April 8th. He can arrive around this time. The next round starts May 3rd. This will give me about three week to introduce him to India. Then he is on his on his own. He’ll get a six month multi-entry visa so he can fuck off to Bangkok or Kathmandu if he wants.

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