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March 19, 2016

We left Karol Bagh to go to Apollo at about 11am. We spent about 45 minutes at the hospital. We returned to CP around 4.30-4.45 hours travel time. All was done via autorickshaw. The total cost without tips was 550 Rs. Can$11.00. Delhi is a big city. The traffic was hell. The hospital is on Mathura Road. The highway South to Mathura and then Agra and the Taj. I have been to Agra five times now and witnessed the vessel four times. On the fifth voyage I could not be bothered. Not that the Taj should not be viewed, admired and worshiped every day. I was in transit and wanted to get back to Delhi. I was riding Suukye. Thinking of Suukye I wonder how the Burmese elections went. Not that it would matter the ruling junta would put in whomever they wished including themselves. As has been for the last 40 years.

Apollo was busy. The international section was packed. Every third world nation seemed to be represented. Lots from Africa and the Middle East I was the only westerner that day.

I was going to see Dr. S.K. Sogani but he was making his rounds so I was going to have to wait. I booked an appointment for Monday at 11.30. We’ll have Khan drive us, maybe.

I stopped by the Rolex store. Everyone remembered me. Of course I have to tell my story for the 50th time in four days.

We are at a bar called, Beer vs Food. It is the hippest, trendiest and coolest bar I have ever been. There so many different beers on the list. Everything from everything from thin crust pizza to chicken burgers to Indian food. Bon Jovi is playing and when we walked in it was Metallica. Only in my India.

We visited the tattoo walla today, Ultra cool dude. I can’t help but like this guy.

A plate of nachos just walked by.

Maybe tomorrow we’ll visit Girish. Maybe I’ll go alone. His shop is in one those areas that is complete, 100% sensory overload to everyone who has not experienced the true wealth of what India offers, on her inside. It takes more than a few trips to appreciate this sort of India. I could not do this for the first three times.

The bar is in the inner circle. I went to the balcony to have a smoke and noticed the amp theater was filling up. I told Cara she should check it out. I need to write. All she was sitting there. When she returns I will send her back to the hotel.

I have learned to love may me time. after all we all die alone. The dying may be surrounded by thousands but in the end its their time. their thoughts, I hope mine are morphine filled. Ha Ha Ha !!

I think Cara now feels why I prefer to be alone. It’s tough to say.

I was speaking with and Indian war whom I didn’t know the other day. He asked me which parts I liked the most. I rattled off the usual but when it came to the far east India I could not remember the states nor,m most of the places, I had been sports here and there but none of the names. How is this possible?

Cara has left some time ago and it’s raining very hard. She is lost. This bar is upstairs and only a small doorway from the ground. I told here to write down the address. she didn’t. I told her it would be hard to find if she ventured far. She told me that she would not go far. She has paisa and a business card from the hotel – I hope. If not- what can I do. If she is lost she will be more upset with herself than I could ever be.

Bruse springstine born in the USA is thumping. Not loud enough to talk though nice.

Cara returned fettered. As expected. Pretty wide eyed. And CP is as west as it gets in Delhi. not sure where she was and nor did I ask.

Back to me time. matta road my book. I am sure there was shit in there that she did not want to read particularly the medillen incident my story.

Speaking of stories. In the past several nights I have talked Cara asleep with my stories. It’s not until I hear her snoring that I know its done. Most are not of India rather Europe, South East Asia, my English teaching stint in Korea, the middle east peru and of course year and a half road trip to Colomia. The seven times. I have been to India are secondary stories. I still can remember most of the explorations to India so I am going to leave those to the end. Clearly I am going to consult passages of my journal.

Everything is beginning to be a fog. The fog of war. This film is basically John Mac Namara’s memories during his stint as the secrtary of Defence for the USA during perhaps the world most volition times.

I have watched this document, with utter discussed, several times. More and more I seem to have a learned respect for Mac Nmara. It’s either what he accopolished in those volatile years or I now reflect upon the fools and their positions are regarding the 2017 U.S. elections. I have said it before and I’ll say it again, the economic and military power that this one nation possess over all other their leader should elected via a world electorate. Trump… .Ha Ha Ha

Derek Likes Trump. I hate even capital that fucks name. I can not stand the sight of this fucki. If he is elected all I can wish for is a military coup.

Either or the worlds economy and security are lost. At least with a military coup our loss will be slower than that whereas if trump were to remain in power. I have never seen a more foolish person speak.

Then there is our new PM. Tredue. Fuck me. Where is the experience? None. His old man was a fuck. He will be another U.S. puppet. Asshat without a hat.

Now I want to expand on the Alberta NDP. Cara wants to leave which is valid they are playing shit. 7.30

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