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March 17, 2016

I am at my favourite chai walla at Baba Singh market. It’s the same market when I had the first seizure with the new brain tumor. I showed Cara the spot. All the shop keepers remembered me. Everyone was smiling.

Everyone in Karol Bagh asks me how I am feeling. I have met everyone except Subash, Raju and Girish. Girish came by but I was too tried to see him.

It’s about 6am Cara is still sleeping.

We went to the dentist yesterday. I could barely deal with the pain. Her office was in her house. She did not want to lance the abscess at this point. The swelling must go down. I got pain killers and anti-biotics. I have no pain this morning.

I am going to go to Apollo Super Specialty hospital for tumor treatment. They are on Mathura Road near by Connaught place. They are better for cancer that B.L. Kapoor. I must wait for this teeth problem to heal first.

Cara’s back in killing her.

That was quick five minutes and I am now having my third chai and third bidi.

Big problems in Turkey they have had three car bombs in the last six months. I think all have occurred in the capital Ankara. The last, a couple of days ago killed about 40 Kurdish separatists. Turkey responded with F16’s and F4 fighter jets along the Turkish/Syrian border. I am sure many refugees were killed. This is the way. Always civilians mixed with terrorists.

Apollo hospitals are all over India and are considered the best. They are publically traded. I need another round of chemo before April 3rd.

I am at yet another chai point. I have been here before. The last time was about 8am and it was already 40*C. the flies were very very bad. Same time, different month and its only about 15 degrees. Still flies but now I don’t have to cover my cup.

I like walking by myself. I meet more locals. I brought a lot of post cards with the Canadian flag and “Canada written on the bottom. I gave one to the previous chai walla and he held it upside down. He could not read.

Maybe I will get and apartment in this area. Patel Nagar. I love my India too much.

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