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March 16, 2016

Back in Delhi – It feels very good to be home. It is only 2.30am. I thought it was much later 5.30am. I was going to go for my morning Kasarat (exercise). There are no chai wallas this early. There are only dogs a rickshaw pullers either sleeping on the ground or in there rickshaws. Cara is still in bed. And an old women sweeping in front of her house. A dog has come up to me. He is not one of the dogs I know. He was friendly enough. The abscess above my front tooth is very painful. I must get in lanced today.

I love India too much! It was great seeing Manish again! He is still wearing the ring I gave him. I went to Bohdgaya when I was riding to Chennai to get him one but could not find one so I gave him mine. Maybe we will go to Paharganj to find some shit jewelry must costume up. Ha Ha Ha.

Mr. Khan has a new to him 2010 Suzuki Maruti Van! He is a self-made man. Since I have known him he has had three cars each one better than the last. Now he is the big man.

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