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Dogs keeping watch at fossicking area'Big Bessie'

Ian fossicking at 'Big Bessie'

Fossickers humpies in the bush

Drove down to'Big Bessie' fossicking field and had a walk and dig around the fossicking area, but well picked over and an almost impossible task without the right equipment. Also a bit of a drive to try and find another fossicking area-didn't find it but lots of fossickers humpies in the bush.

After lunch we drove up to Heritage mine near Rubyvale . We decided to screen another bucket of wash rather than go down the mine. Process requires tipping some of the bucket into a sieve, shaking off the first layer of dirt, picking off some of the larger stones, then washing what's left in a trough, before tipping the washed stones onto a table. If you do it properly, the sapphires are all in a neat circle in the middle of the pile of stones on the table. However, can't say I totally mastered that technique! But I did manage to pick out some more pieces of sapphire and we each gathered another small plastc bag of raw sapphire and zircon.

Weather is still quite warm during the day, so after returning to our camp we waited until after 4.30 before taking Chilli and Ruby for a walk along the riverbed behind the town. It is also probably full of sapphires if you were prepared to spend some time digging.

Another couple of vans have joined us tonight. It's a great free camp right in the middle of town. After tea tonight I will be settling in to watch last episode of Downton Abbey- non negotiable!

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