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This same beach is empty during the week.

Our beach is crowded with locals on the weekends

Lots of camping on the weekends

Lee likes to sit where he can see the ice cream truck.

Lee taking a photo of Al taking a photo of me taking...

Sunset almost done.

I'm all about the markets when I can get there. Today was somewhat of a rest day. Only a drive to the Sunday market in Quatre Bornes and lunch at the Gymkhana Golf Club so that Al can check it out. Set up in 1844, at what was then a British Army base, it now boasts having the 4th oldest fairway in the world. Lunch was nice overlooking the fairways and the price to golf seemed reasonable so Al and Lee booked to golf.

The market was very crowded but mostly because the stalls were so close together. Most of the stalls sold clothing, some housed household goods, souvenirs, fruit and veggies. The three of us wandered through the entire market unable to find a replacement visor for the one I lost on the boat tour. Lots of hats around but no visors in any shops even in Flic en Flac.

Sunset on our beach had Lee taking a photo of Al taking a photo of me taking a photo. Way too many photo devices around I'd say! First world problem I guess. On weekends our beach becomes a sea of camping families. There is no cost to camp here so you see everything from proper tents to tarps. Crowds of locals flock here with their families to eat, overnight camp, swim in the ocean play, sing, drum, dance and play their segae tunes. Ice cream trucks and other small venues for eating and beach toys to great business compared to the quiet week days. It is fun to people watch.

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