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Bedoin ride - Mont Ventoux in background

Glad I wasn't on the bike when this guy took the corner...............

Ochres near Bedoin

Happy travellers!

JB and Ann at Le Pastory, Bedoin

Classic French car complete with boots

San Remo

San Remo cinema

We must be in Italy

Purchase # 2

Purchase # 3


Palazzo Reale, Genoa

Palazzo Reale, Genoa


One for the guys, Genoa

Midday mahem - menu tacked to stairs

Midday Mayhem in full swing

Torpedo room on Italian submarine

Captain Courageous

Idyllic camp - Genoa

We have spent the last week travelling at a relatively leisurely pace through France, the largest country in Europe, some nights staying just one night and others 2-3 nights. We drove from winter to summer in 2 days.

Highlight of the week has been another 3 wonderful days at Camping le Pastory in the village of Bedoin at the foot of Mont Ventoux. There we reunited with the great campsite owners Jean-Baptiste and Ann. Sorry to leave, but only until the next time, or until the very tasty Mont Ventoux wine runs out………. We managed to fit in a short hike through the vineyards and Ian did a fantastic 45Km ride around the local villages – thanks to Don Beals back home for setting me up with “Ride with GPS!” No ride up Mont Ventoux this year, but great riding anywhere around Bedoin.

We continued south along the Cote d’Azur, camping at Antibes and finally entered Italy along the Ligurian coast with our first stop on the outskirts of the historic port of Genova. We’re camped in a beautiful park setting at a campsite run by the same family since 1953.

What we have learned in the last week:

1. One of you gives a plate a quick wipe after breakfast and pronounces it to be “clean”. Then when 2 seconds later you both say in unison “close enough”, you know you have been camping together for a very long time.

2. Van conversation. Person 1 – “Why do you have so many dress shirts in our small (read miniscule) closet?”. Person 2 – “I guess I don’t need as many on these trips. Must remember that next year”. Person 1 – “You said that in 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011”. I will leave you to guess who is who in this “conversation”.

3. Described online as “Midday mayhem”, lunch at Da Maria restaurant in Genova did not disappoint! See photos.

4. You know that Genova cemetery is large when it has its own dedicated bus service.

5. When you see palm trees in the middle of the road, you can bet that it NEVER gets below zero° C here!

6. When we entered Italy, the first town we came to was San Remo on the Italian Riviera. We immediately did 3 things there: buy a gelato, buy Gran Cereale (our favourite cookies) and a large slice of pizza. No point in wasting time getting into the “Italian Way”. It’s all about the food!

Travel Trivia

Every week we will give you a trivia question, with the answer given the following week. Remember, no Googling!

This week’s question:

How many litres of wine does the average Italian consume in a year? Is it:

a) 20

b) 75

c) 120

d) 200?

Last week’s trivia: The UK is well known for its rain (no kidding). For the UK as a whole, what are the average number of days per year that it rains or snows? Is it:

a) 75 days

b) 133 days

c) 186 days

d) 225 days?

For a bonus point, which is the rainiest mainland town/area in the UK and how many days a year does it rain or snow?

And the answers are: 133 days or 36% of the time! And the rainiest place in mainland Britain is…………………………. Oban on the west coast of Scotland at an amazing 198 days or 54% of the time.

Until next week!


Liz & Ian

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