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Tropic of Capricorn sign between Sapphire and Rubyvale

Need a spare part anyone??

Walked to Sapphire's Sunday market and bought egg and bacon sandwich for breakfast and some fruit and vegetables. Lots of stores selling sapphires and pieces of jewellery, but nothing that I liked. After morning tea we drove upto a place called Armfest where they sold you a bucket of stones and showed you how to sieve and wash the stones before sorting them to pick out (hopefully!) the sapphires. Ian and I both managed to find a few bits and the owner the sorted them into packs of 'cutters' (stones that would cut nicely into stones for a ring), 'sapphires' (stones that would cut into small side stones), zircon and 'show and tell' ( stones not worth much at all!). We both got a smattering in each group- but who knows what we'll ever do with them!

After lunch I went for a swim in local swimming pool which is right next door to where we are camped. We have been well entertained at same time by fellow travellers- Victorians who happen to be Collingwood supporters watching a game when Collingwood were being beaten. Tea tonight was really nice fish and chips from local store across the road from our camp.

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