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Great fried chicken

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The weather is still stormy


Tater the Gator

We had a planned 2 day layover in Mobile to regroup, shop, do some maintenance, and a drive by of my old house where we lived from kindergarten through third grade (1964-68, as best I can calculate). Got the groceries and the drive by done. A chance phone call to a friend of Dave's landed us at Gulf Shores, AL that evening and in the company of a truly great bunch of people! Jim and Karen Byrd were at their beach house with friends Dana and RJ. They cooked us up a dinner of Oysters, Red Snapper, and all the accompaniments, Louisiana style (Karen is a very proud coon ass)! Needless to say it didn't take any arm twisting to get us to stay another day or two. Yesterday morning Bill and I took a short a run up to Robertsonville for some repairs after a fireball shot out the side of the camper when the hot water heater lit. Bill was fine but his jacket ended up a little singed (my husband has an affinity for setting himself on fire). So we all met at the Roadkill Café in Eberta, AL for some fried chicken and catfish. Later we took a long walk on the beach of a choppy Gulf of Mexico. After picking up the camper that afternoon we went to another super secret spot called The Flying Harpoon where we had roast beef po'boys. We had to agree they were the best roast beef sandwiches we ever had. We even got a glimpse of an alligator the staff affectionately calls "Tater". We finished up the night at Bahama Bobs for some "Bushwhackers", a sweet creamy milkshake that has a double shot of Bacardi 151. DELICIOUS! Thanks so much to Jim and Karen for the excellent hospitality! This morning we're heading out again, this time to Gulf Islands National Seashore on the Florida panhandle. The weather is finally supposed to break (fingers crossed, eyes raised), and we'll put down there for 4 or 5 days and enjoy some beach and fishing time. It's a little remote so stay tuned, will update again when we find some wifi.

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