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Salt flats in Tamarin

Public Beach in Tamarin

Lunch at Tamarin Beach

Lovely birds at Tamarin beach

Roadside veggie and fruit market

Small Hindu temple at the viewpoint

Windy at the viewpoint on the south coast

Baie du Cap shops along the main road in town

Baie du Cap

Black River where it meets the ocean. The famous gorilla face mountain...

Because we didn't get to all the places yesterday, today we headed south again with the intent of getting further south to Baie du Cap, a small town on the south side of the island. The first portion of the drive led us through Tamarin where we passed through before but this time we took photos of the 18th century salt flats in town. It is the last place in Mauritius where salt is still produced. A beach stop brought us to an unattractive construction area with an old cannon sitting on the sand. On to the public beach in Tamarin to read on the beach, enjoy some ocean time, and have lunch before moving on. It is hard not to admire the blue, blue skies here in Mauritius. I guess living in Abu Dhabi where the skies often have sand particles in the air or a heat haze we notice the blue skies even more when we see them.

Back on the road going south, a roadside fruit and vegetable stand looked good for a snack so we stopped to buy a few items. As we rounded to the south side of the island the wind was noticeably stronger. Just before we reached the small town of Baie du Cap, a viewpoint up a number of steps looked over the coastline. The photos show the power of the wind. Small Hindu temple-like structures along the road and in peoples yards convinced me of the Indian culture living here. This blue one was placed in the rocks just below the viewpoint along the main road.

The town of Baie du Cap was small and quiet. Little shops along the road were colourful and the beach views beautiful. The reef was way out there so the waters here are protected somewhat. Al had a golf course to check out here in town before we headed inland. Turning inland brought us back up to the plateau area. We did find some unexplored roads but ended up on some of the same return roads as yesterday near the end.

Needing to get out of the car once again, we stopped at the Black River beach area where the river and the ocean meet. Locals enjoying the beach and water were everywhere as the sunset approached. The photos from here show the famous mountain with the gorilla head. What a pretty view. Finally home just after sunset.

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