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"Doc" Holliday

Before leaving Lamar, I stopped by the Madonna of the Trail statue. Erected in 1928, this is the fifth in a series of 12 monuments honoring the spirit of pioneer women. The monuments are placed along what used to be the National Old Trail Highway ( now U.S. Hwy 40 and 66).

I traveled 45 minutes east to Granada, CO in order to visit the Amache Japanese American Relocation Center ( nice term for internment camp). Unlike the last camp I visited, no structures remain. The road system is completely intact however, so I rode around, read all the signs, and stopped at the memorial. Always a sobering experience to see these places. Do you find it as strange as I did to learn that Amache is named after an Indian princess ? We didn't treat either of these groups well.

On my drive to Dodge City KS, I passed one feed lot after another. The odor was overpowering. The closer I got to Dodge City the windier it got. I later learned that the gusts were - ARE- up to 45 mph. I was blown around town this afternoon - truthfully there is not much to see other than 60 statues of western characters from Wyatt Earp to Matt Dillon. On a good day I would have walked around to see my favorites but today I felt like Dorothy and the Emerald City isn't on my itinerary.

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