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Betsy the giant lobster

new boat


Bo's Tropical Hide-A-Way

Purple shutters!!!

Bionic Bait

Historic Seven Mile Bridge

Part of the old Seven Mile Bridge

After a fantastic breakfast at Harriette's we heading south for Cudjoe Key.

We stopped at the Rain Barrel Village in Islamorada to visit Betsy the famous giant lobster. She is 30 feet tall and 40 feet long, adorable!

We enjoyed the drive looking at all the little islands along the way. The color of the water is so vibrant, different shades of blues and greens. Valarie, the owner of Bo's Tropical Hide-A-Way, told us to be very careful not to go over the speed limit...Wow, no kidding! We must have seen no less than 20 police cars watching for speeders along the way.

The historic Seven Bridge is unique. It connects the Middle Keys to the Lower Keys. It's a fun drive.

We decided we should buy a boat and found this cute little fixer upper yacht! Maybe not!

We arrived at Bo's Tropical Hide-A-Way in Cudjoe Key. It's in the Venture Out Park. Very eclectic park. There are timeworn mobile homes, fancy modular homes and high-end RVs. Loved the purple shutters!

Our unit is on a canal that leads out to the ocean.

It's homey and comfortable with a great view. We'll be here for four nights. It's centrally located to other Keys, with Key West being about 20 miles away.

Dinner was delicious. The owner told us about a place very close called the Square Grouper. We had shared a shrimp appetizer and had fresh just caught almond encrusted grouper for our entree. It just melted in your mouth. Yum. Key lime pie is everywhere!

The owner of Bo's had stopped by to welcome us. He showed us the fishing poles and said we could drop a line into the canal and catch fish. He told us we should use shrimp for bait. On the way back from dinner we stopped at a little store that sells bait. Wait for it....The bait is called Bionic Bait! With a name like that you better strap me in cause I'm gonna catch a 200 lb tuna in the channel!

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