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We had some “Get ready for the road” chores to accomplish today. My truck was almost due for the 90,000 mile check which included nearly everything. I took the truck in to the Ford Dealership for service at 10:00 this morning and picked it up again only a few minutes after 6:00 PM. The cost for all of this service was a “Hide your Wallet” kind of cost at $459.00. That truck should be good for a while!

I took the trash out today, made the bed, and worked on the Book project. I mailed Chapter 12 to Jennifer and she emailed me back that it had made her cry. She liked it a lot! Her comments made me feel good.

I also made a grocery run to the HEB store, and brought one of those grilled chickens home for lunch.

It was one of those days when the forecast called for rain but it didn’t do much other than a brief drizzle. Otherwise, it was yet another of those fine days we have experienced for months.

Tomorrow I’ll continue my Pre-Travel chores by doing some work on the RV. Everything will be ready by the time the 24th rolls around.

Marilyn & I watched a good movie in the afternoon. It was called “Heart of the Sea” I think.

Tonight is “Survivor” night for us.

All in all it has been a pretty quiet day with a little bit of work thrown in.

Life is Good!

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