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Trieste by bus coming down from 'mountain'

Trieste by bus coming down from 'mountain'

Port city Trieste by bus coming down from 'mountain'

Leaving Trieste by train


Raining, luckily it left off while we walked to bus station. But by the time the bus arrived at 7:45 it was pouring! Just an hour to Trieste....

Beautiful green pastures, more reminders of Wisconsin - dairy cows, bales of hay (rolls of plastic). Quite hilly, probably foothills since rain doesn't allow much visibility. Once we arrived - exactly at 8:45 a.m. as promised - the view was of a port city, typical shipping port (see photo). Also, the rain and colder weather was off putting. We discussed a plan and decided to go on to Venice. Bus 10 Euro, 3 hours leaving at 11:15 and it was exactly as promised also. Train was available at the same location as bus station - 14 Euro and 2 hours...transportation in Europe is sooo sensible with connections very easy. Usually the bus and train stations are only a block apart if not in the same location!

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