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That's a better view!

A viewpoint on our way south

Lunch at a restaurant in Chamarel

Al points the way.

Admiring the 7 Coloured Earth area.

Explanation of the coloured earth

Feed him Al so I can get a photo

Al feeds one of the tortoises.

Al and Lee

Lee snapped this photo as we walked the small trail around the...

Athabasca Falls

Al points out how to do something on Dick's camera that I...

Tight fit on the way home. Good navigating Lee!

Rainbow over the cane fields

Hooray, no April fools joke, we are moving to a different apartment in the same Villa. We now face the pool, have two bathrooms, and three bedrooms. It's roomier, although there are still some problems. The shower heads are broken (not attached to the wall), no coffee pot, the kettle doesn't work, the counter is rotting behind the kitchen sink, only two bath towels for the three of us and the air conditioner in our room is weak. Other than that it is better. Roshan did provide two beach towels, as was requested, so that helps with the towel situation.

Taking advantage of the rental car, the plan today was to drive south along the coast towards Tamarin, It turns out to be the home of kite surfing. No wonder as the winds were quite strong here. Numerous kite surfers to watch, some of whom performed jumps, with an amazing amount of air time before landing again. More beautiful beaches and an exclusive Paradise Resort and Golf course has Al investigating the probability of being able to golf here before he goes home.

Le Morne Mountain has a history of slaves hiding there when they escaped from their 'owners'. The sad story says they jumped to their death when they saw people coming for them not knowing slavery had been abolished. A difficult hike up to the top allows spectacular views but we did not attempt the hike.

Further on to the Black River Gorge National Park we stop to see beautiful water falls and lookouts. Alexandra Falls and Chamarel waterfall were both worth a visit. Chamarel town has the 7 Coloured Earth attraction as well. The colours are due to the way the lava cooled at different times. Tortoises here are contained for tourists to view. Al fed one of them grass for a better photo. Lunch in Chamarel, at one of the many restaurants, was recommended by the guidebook so that is exactly what we did.

Lee navigated us through narrow, one way looking streets to get home. Cars, of course, came the opposite direction making it necessary to find a spot to pull over tight to the edge of the shoulder in oder to let them by.

A little rain produced a beautiful rainbow on our drive home. Quite a busy, long day.

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