Some of the Highland Games

That is a 56 pound block and the bar is 11 feet...

YIKES, don't let that weight fall on your head !

Getting ready for the "hammer" throw

Is there a chiropractor in the house ?

Trooping the colors, the band was fabulous

Who doesn't love a bagpipe or two ?

Flags of all the major Scottish Clans

We love to watch the drum techniques, some are very very colorful

Just one of the many Clan flag bearers

This is what our shower windows look like before

Now after a little DIY project, we "obscured" the

glass on all three sides. Thanks to the Dippels for encouraging us.

We enter TT Forest Lake for 10 days visit

our spot C-43 is roomy and nice

Our view out the back window, bird watching is the call of...

Within 10 minutes we get a pair of Cardinals, our notoreity must...

They come to our ladder begging us for peanuts, Dave gladly obliges

Then there are the "florest clowns" squirrels

Just "hanging around for a snack" Yes, she is really upside down,...

Dave gets ready to go to the Masters Tournament

Masters Tournament Program available at local stores, fabulous to read

This is the spectator guide given to all who enter the gates

Program for the day, map and start times for all groups

backside of the loose map, start times here for all groups

Dave shows off his badge to enter Augusta National Golf Club, note...

The day before we departed the Augusta area, four of us took a day trip to Columbia, SC for a visit to their annual Tartan Festival. Basically a wonderful mix of Gaelic, Irish and English Isle festival. We took in some of the highland games, food, booths of all sorts and British Auto Show! All in all it was a day well spent.

Then on the appointed day of April 3 it was go time.

We departed the Pointes West Army Resort driving northward, reaching our destination in 280 miles. This is our 5th visit to this very nice Thousand Trails park. That 280 miles puts us about 230 miles more north than we were, so it's much cooler up here. So much so, that we've only been out side for fireside time once, in the 9 days that we've been here. Our assigned space was backed up to the forest. We like that sort of spot as we also like to feed the birds and squirrels when we can.

Rebecca's brother Tim and his wife Sandy are with us on this jaunt. They are parked across the street, so we have easy access back and forth. The day after we arrived, We got busy with a project we've wanted to do. Way back in Arizona we bought a roll of glass film application to obscure clear glass. The project was easy and straight forward enough it only took about two hours. The finished product turned out great!!! We got the idea from our friends, the Dippels, who had done this to their bath. Our longtime readers will remember them from our visit to Ontario Canada and their recent visit to us in Brenda.

One thing Dave didn't tell you about, when we were at Pointes West, is that he had been given a one day ticket for Friday, April 8th to see the Masters Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club. So that means, he had to drive back down to our son's home on Thurs afternoon. Then spend the night, getting up plenty early to get to Augusta National on Friday morning. He did all that and reports that his day was everything he'd hoped it would be and more! The highlight of the day was being on the 18th hole when veteran golfer Tom Watson, a two time Masters Champion, came to the green for his last round at the Masters Tournament. He was very gracious to the crowd who stood clapping and cheered him for close to five minutes. We finally quieted and allowed him to putt out. Looking around me, I noticed there were many others who realized the gravity of the moment with tears in their eyes. And so, after a thoroughly exhausting but exhilarating day, Dave quickly fell asleep that night with visions of golf balls dancing in his head!

And now as we prepare to packup the trailers for a short drive south on I-85 to Anderson, SC and yet another stop at a Thousand Trail preserve. Enjoy the photos, sorry there aren't any from the Masters visit, they don't allow patrons to bring cameras, phones, pads, beepers, electronic devices or anything that will beep, squeal, ring, otherwise make noise while the golfers are plying their trade for us.

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