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passing Waikiki Beach


walking Waikiki Beach

hiding from the sun


water baby

We arrived in Honolulu on April 7 to slightly cloudy skies and a possibility of rain in the forecast. Because we had spent 2 weeks here a few years ago we didn’t need to go rushing off to the main sights as we had explored a lot of them before.

We took the local bus to the far end of Waikiki, near the zoo, and then walked the beach for a while. It was packed with tourists enjoying the sand and water sports. The sun had come out and it was lovely. A coffee was needed so we made a stop and checked our emails after 4 days at sea.

We went back to the beach to check out spots for some lounging the next day. $25 to rent 2 loungers and a large umbrella to keep Viv in the shade. Back on the bus to the Ala Moana Mall where we just wandered around but were not tempted to buy. Things are expensive in Hawaii and more so with the exchange rate of $1.30 Canadian to buy an American dollar.

April 8th on the bus again to the beach. We picked our spot and had a few hours enjoying the beach and a swim. A few feet from the water line it was very rocky so Gerry had to take care walking into the water. Viv doesn’t go far enough in to worry about such things. Not sure why Waikiki beach is so famous except to see and be seen. Of course it is lovely

All in all a relaxing return to Honolulu.

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