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Warming up with the famous gorilla face mountain as the backdrop

Lee rides with Brendan, the Scotsman

My lunch with Phoenix Fresh beer

No worries, Al you an get the ball over this ravine.

Underground church Brendan showed us on the way back

Brendan was waiting for us once we arrived at the golf course. I was allowed to ride along in the cart for the first nine and then hung around the restaurant till Al, Lee and Brendan finished the round. I had a delicious lunch, a nice refreshing beer called Phoenix Fresh. An ice cold fresh lemony taste in my beer was great on a warm day.

Brendan was a very chatty Scotsman that really seemed to enjoy our company. Lee rode with him in a cart and I rode with Al. The scenery was very lush and green with many large snails, monkeys around the restaurant, and beautifully coloured birds. This challenging course has mountain that you see in many pictures of Mauritius is the backdrop here at the golf course. If you look carefully you can see the outline of a gorilla head on the left side of the mountain. The side view is of the gorilla looking left.

The four of us sat for a drink after the golf round chatting. Brendan moved to Mauritius, married a local lady and is living. in a small town north of us called Albion. He invites us to come over at some point during our holiday. On the drive home he asks us if we would like to follow him to an underground church. We agree. It was a worthwhile stop and one we may not have noticed ourselves.

Finally we spend our usual time at the beach for the sunset. Tomorrow the boat trip awaits us.

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