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Info on Ohrid

Info on Ohrid

Our digs in Ohrid

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I got up at 6 and showered first having slept since 9 last night. Breakfast at 7:30. Excellent - egg, bread, jam, honey, butter, apple/orange juice, goat cheeze, tomato & cucumber slices, tea/coffee, and Yogurt! We got great info from the morning manager of Freddy's who told us about the bus to Macedonia. It goes every day 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Being 8:15, we hustled our butts over to the HAK BUS & POLIOGU ALBANIA Agency and by the time we found it (only 4-5 blocks from Freddy's) it was 8:45. They said we could go on the next bus but we must be back by 9 a.m. departure. We made the decision on the spot to "go for it" and grabbed a taxi. Turned out the driver was the one who had directed us to the POLIOGU Agency, and he got us back to Freddy's avoiding lots of traffic by back streets also got us back to the bus by 9!

The hotel manager had called ahead so they knew we were coming. The office lady took the $$$ from Bon, gave us tickets, the driver loaded our packs/bags, and within minutes of sitting down in the bus we left!!


Mountainous driving...see photos. Got to the Albanian/Macedonian border about 12:15 and proceeded to wait...45 minutes for each country. The crossing was Stenje, and the bus dropped us off at Sturga. At this station we lucked into an English speaking student from Tirana, Albania who was on his way to Ohvid with 25 others for a 10 day exchange with 10 other nationalities. He helped us with the taxi (driver knew only a little English), so the 4 of us went to Ohvid. The student to bus station to meet friends, we 3 to city center where we were met by Gordana, a gal who has an apartment to rent. It all worked like clockwork...she walked us the 3 blocks to her apartment right by the lake. Only 30 Euros, 10 E each!


Spent the rest of the day walking and boating around town seeing the sights of this very historic, 7000 year old community of Alexander the Great!


A great video:

Oldest Lake in Europe


Info on Unique Lake Ohrid

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