Round The World with Tom 2005-06 travel blog

Back at work! After a brilliant weekend though, but I didn't manage to put any more photos on, sorry!

Watching Perth Glory was good fun. I wasn't sure what to expect from the A-League game, but I was mightily impressed. A decent crowd of 8,500 turned up to see a pretty exciting game that Perth won 2-1. The franchise made a good attempt at selling the event and apart from one or two things that were a bit over the top the evening was really entertaining.

A note for Bry! Steve McMahon in the Manager of the team and his son Steve Jnr plays as well!

Nigel and Cheree et al dropped me off at Lancelin yesterday afternoon and I went down to the beach to find Rachel and Clint in the sea and topping up their tans, or red patches in Clint's case! We've bought a mini Aussie rules ball and running about on the beach with it I can see why the game is so popular over here. I wouldn't mind having a bash at playing a proper game sometime!

I'm in the bar at the moment and can here the cricket going on at the moment, England are struggling to hold onto the game to save a draw and regain the ashes!

The next couple of weeks should be pretty quiet for me now. I'll be working this weekend and won't get a chance to head back to Perth for at least three weeks now. It is not such a bad thing though as I should be able to save some more money ready for when I head over to Sydney and Brisbane.

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