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Marilyn & I had time for coffee, followed by a shower before walking over to Mike & Marian’s house this morning.

These good friends were sitting on the patio waiting for us and we greeted one another by exchanging hugs. We visited as we sipped a mimosa and then enjoyed freshly baked coffee cake, which was awesome, along with some hot coffee. What a great way to begin another awesome day here in the valley.

Marilyn & I walked back to our own Site, talking about the wonderful friends we have met in this RV lifestyle.

Marilyn took her book outdoors to read while I stayed indoors to read from my Kindle. I am reading a book written by Bill Bryson, titled “Neither Here Nor There” about his travels around Europe.

He writes with a great deal of humor, not unlike our friend, Mike Mills. Several times while reading today, I burst right out with raucous laughter. Having traveled to many of the places he writes about in this book, I find his descriptions really funny, and wonder why I didn’t notice some of these things when I was there.

Marilyn & I interrupted our reading to fix some lunch. I grilled burgers while Marilyn fixed the condiments, made an apple salad, and fixed stewed breaded tomatoes. It was all very tasty and we were finished, with the dishes clean and put away, by the time the Master’s Golf Tourney came on TV.

We had decided to attend Mass this evening, so that we would have a blank slate tomorrow. As soon as we returned home from Mass, we changed into our PJ’s and now we’ll take it easy and relax.

The weather here continues to amaze us as it is simply wonderful day after day.

Life is Good!

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