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We sipped our morning coffee while waiting for the guy from “Safelite” to arrive to repair the chip in our windshield.

He arrived right on time and was very professional. Doing a fine job on the windshield was only part of his great job. He cleaned all of the windows and vacuumed the floor mats in the car.

The repair job was so good that we have to look hard to find the spot where the chip was located.

I fixed oyster stew for lunch, allowing Marilyn to grab a couple of the raw oysters to eat with a cracker and some hot sauce.

After lunch she went outdoors with her book while I turned on the TV to get the Master’s Golf tourney. About that time, Mike called to ask if I wanted to go shoot at the range. Well of course!

We drove to the indoor range called “Point Blank” where I fired my new FNS9 for the first time. Mike loaned his “speed loader” to me and I instantly decided that I should have one of those.

My shooting was just ok at first and then improved once I adapted to the pistol and began using a two-hand grip for aiming.

Both, Mike and I, had a good time and I’m hopeful that we will do this again before we leave here just two weeks from tomorrow.

I purchased one of those speed loaders before we left and then rode back to our RV with Mike, where I disassembled the weapon and cleaned it. Now it is ready to go again.

Marilyn fixed a light dinner for us and we relaxed together.

Tomorrow we’ll join our friends, Mike & Marian, for mimosas and coffee cake in the morning.

Today was another wonderful day, even though the clouds leaked just a bit of moisture, as it sprinkled rain for a few minutes.

The sun has been shining this late afternoon, with a nice breeze, so I can easily say that our great weather continues.

Life is Good!

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