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Kona is on the Big Island of Hawaii but on the western and leeward side of the Island of Hawaii. This is the warmer, dryer more desert like side where most of the tourists stay. It has a laid back almost hippy feel in the old part of the town. While there are no great beach areas close to the town every imaginable water activity is available from the small beach areas available. The rest of the shore line is volcanic rock.

There are many historic land marks around the island including Kealakekua Bay where Captain Cook first landed and where he was later killed. Kona is most famous of course for its Kona coffee. We did visit a couple of places that sold pure Kona Coffee at prices of $65 a pound and up. It is grow on the sides of the dormant Hualalai volcano south of Kona.

The ship anchored out at sea and we took the tenders into the center of town where we spent some time wandering through the market the shops and a coffee shop for the internet. After that I was ready for a swim from the smallest beach I had ever been on I think. Still very refreshing.

We liked the feel of this area and it would make a good base to explore more of the coast line.

Photos to follow

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