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Another awesome day greeted us this morning. This has been the most near perfect winter that we have ever experienced and it continues every day. Hard to believe and I hope we don’t have to pay for the great weather this winter, when we return next winter.

Marilyn & I sat together with our coffee as I read the latest chapter of my book aloud to her. I also asked her to comment on additional narrative I added to later chapters.

I made the bed and cleaned up a paperwork mess from the dining room table. She had some comments about that also. LOL

I took my shower while she went for a walk this morning, and it was nearly time to fix some lunch by the time she returned.

Marilyn had fixed some chicken salad and she made sandwiches for us as a quick and easy lunch.

My Editor Friend, Mike, sent Chapter ten of my book back to me this morning and it is basically now, “In the Can.” I mailed Chapter eleven off to Mike, just to keep him busy. LOL

We have a date for dinner this evening as we are meeting friends, Chris & Gia at the 492 BBQ. We will miss the great Texas BBQ when we leave in a couple of weeks. These friends are remaining here in the Valley for the summer and we are anxious to see how that turns out for them. We have given some thought to remaining here ourselves but are afraid of the heat and humidity. Maybe someday!

This was a great afternoon to stay indoors and watch the Masters Golf Tournament. We once took some passengers to Augusta for the Masters, but of course the flight crew didn’t attend. We watched on TV from the Pilot’s Lounge at the airport. That was the first year for Tiger Woods to win the Masters. Fun to watch, even on TV.

Life is Good!

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