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Lovely camp and 'front yard.'

The fishing pier.

The lake near sunset.

Another view of the venue.

We are again in the lovely "Hill Country" area of west Texas. I am so very glad that we have come back to this part of the country in the spring, because it is as if we were never here before. The land that was dry, barren, and devoid of most greenery last winter has burst into a sea of lovely green fields and trees - not a forest like Washington or British Columbia,- but rather a low, scrubby, flat green sea of color interspersed with spiky paddle cactus in full bloom with yellow and red flowers reaching out to touch the life-giving sun.

Our first overnight as we start our 2500 mile trek toward Washington is Lake Corpus Christi State Park, about a half hour North of Corpus Christi, Texas. After last year's drought here, it is refreshing to see that the lake is full and the fish are plentiful. There is a 400 foot fishing pier where guys are catching white bass, blue catfish, freshwater drum, and alligator gar, to name a few.

We are beginning to see Scissor-tailed flycatchers again. The cooing of the mourning doves interrupts the morning silence as they cry out for mates, and the howling coyotes during the night add a decidedly western feel.

We can't stay long, as our current destination is Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado, then the five national parks near Moab, Utah. We hope to meet up with Larry's sister and husband there. It's a tough travel time, because we need to start moving, yet have to be careful in case the weather turns cold.

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