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North Falls viewpoint, Silver Falls State Park, Silverton Oregon

Trail of ten waterfalls. We did not get to hike this today...

Back roads and old logging roads. Driving through the foothills of the...

Deer in someones yard in downtown Silverton

Interesting fruit stand sign

Gallon Bridge. A whiskey drop site during prohibition

Doug Brown, local hero

Typical Willamette Valley View. You can see why people wanted to settle...

Willamette Valley black soil. A farmers dream.

Mustard Fields in full bloom

Old logging photo from Silverton area. There are not many of these...

Presidential doll dresses.

A colletion of feathers. Not by what they are, but where they...

A Camp FIre Girl Ceremonial gown. I used to have one. Should...

My Alma Mater, OSU made the final four!

We have been working really hard to take care of a few things around my parents’ house and also get our own rig back to be ready to travel again. There is a lot to sort out and stuff…somewhere. I know someone who named their rig “The Cramalot Inn”. I can see why! 

It was a beautiful day so we decided to take a day off and go to Silver Falls State Park. But probably because it was such a beautiful day, everyone in the entire world decided to do the same thing. There was a long line of cars on the road leading into the park that were waiting, just to get into the long driveway that leads to the parking lot. We decided we did not want to go there. Instead we drove on and saw one of the waterfalls from a viewpoint (one out of ten). The next parking lot was too full to park so we just drove around instead. We found some back roads that were nice gravel, that lead to a couple of logging roads. It was great scenery driving around the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. We found a place called the Silverton Café that had fresh hamburgers so we stopped for a bite. The owner gave us a couple of scrapbooks to look at, all with notes written by people about their bigfoot sightings. Apparently there have been some seen in the area. We did not see him. Maybe he was at the falls with the crowds.

In the town of Silverton, we saw a sign for Silverton Country Historical Society and Museum. They had logging equipment so we pulled in to look around. They had some nice displays and the curator even hauled out a scrapbook of old logging pictures and about the two local lumber mills in town. Interesting stuff. We also learned that there used to be a farm team for the Boston Red Sox there. They had some old uniforms and memorabilia from that.

One display was a bunch of dolls. One local resident was bored when her husband was out doctoring, so she started sewing doll clothes that all represented a president. Some of the dressed were inaugural gowns, others were dresses worn by daughters or sisters of presidents.

There was a wooden replica of a covered bridge too. This was the Gallon Bridge. It sits just outside of town. It got its name from the fact that Silverton being “dry” and nearby Mt. Angel being “wet”. Mt Angel “merchants” would leave gallons of moonshine on the north end of the bridge. So of course we had to go see it! We did not find a gallon of whiskey, but there was a geocache there which I found!

This concludes this phase of our adventure. We are rolling again on Tuesday. New journal entries starting soon! Keep posted. New phase on our adventure! We had planned on retiring and hitting the road and spending a summer in Alaska for ten years. We never planned for what to do after that. Be watching for that next phase in our life!

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