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This morning we waved “So Long” to two more of our friends who are on their way to new adventures down the road. Richard & Jane will return in the fall and we’ll see them again. Safe travels!

We have another beautiful morning here in the Valley so we went for a nice walk after breakfast.

Marilyn sat outdoors when we returned. She loves the peace and serenity of our patio area, where she spends time doing her daily devotions.

I remained indoors making phone calls to our insurance company.

Yesterday, on the way home from Harlingen, a rock hit our windshield, taking a tiny chip out of the glass.

The insurance company is sending a repairman from Safelite to repair that tiny chip at no cost to us. He will be here on Friday morning.

I worked on my book for a while this morning. The Editor is working on Chapter Ten and I have Chapter Eleven ready to send to him once he is finished with the one he is working on now.

I called our summer residence in Colorado and reserved three months for next year. We already have the reservation for this summer.

We are among the group of RV folks who make plans far in advance. We prefer to change plans when we have to do so, rather than to have problems finding a place to stay because we didn’t plan ahead. In Israel they had a saying about the rule of the six “P”’s. “Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance”. Please forgive me for the language as I am only passing on a saying that reflects something true. LOL

Today I am fixing oyster stew for lunch. We purchased freshly shucked oysters and fresh shrimp yesterday, on our way home from Padre Island. Today we’ll have some for lunch and some for dinner.

Life is Good!

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