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Trip is now more than half over and we are headed north again. We stopped on the Sea of Cortez at the city of Bahia de los Angeles. We dry camped on the beach. We were surpised with some 15 amp power (no breakers so who know what they could draw). Most of decided to go out on boats and do some touring of the many islands for bird watching. It turner out to be Fin Whale watching. We saw many Fin Whales up close feeding. Unlike the Gray Whales, these guys are interesting in feeding and not human contact. But they didn't shy away either. Fin whales are the 3rd largest of the whale. Some are 90 feet long. We had a beach party that night and another great campfire.

The night before we left I found that my electronics on the satellite dish were fried. I spent much time getting dish in the down position. So from this day for the next two weeks, we did not have television.

We had another dinner out and we toured the local museum. This town used to be a big tourist town, but now is in the process of becoming a ghost town.

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