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Did a bus tour of the salt mine.







Waiting for the bus to go whale watching.

Joani, the live wire.

These are pangas, the type of boat used.

Travel pretty fast.

Barge of salt headed out of Mexico.


Baby whale getting petted.

Momma whale.

all the rest of the pictures are of baby whales.


That is Susan in the picture.





The first pictures posted are of the salt mine tour. This actually happened after we went out in the boats whale petting. It is supposted to be called whale watching, but everybody on the trip got to pet a whale. The salt mine is one of the largest in the world. It is here because the water in the lagoon is higher in salt than the ocean. Also because of the wind and heat here that makes for fast evaporation. It is a huge operation and employs about 800 people.

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