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One of rhe roadsters from the Hall of Fame

A very cool custom VW van

The front of the van opens up for the driver to climb...

Some beautiful paint jobs on some of the motorcycles

And this bike looks baaaad aaaassss!

This is not rust it is "patina" and clear coated over.

Where are the wheels?

Pretty paint!

There were even bicycles here.

Route 66 was represented!

Na na na na na...Bat Man!!!!

This wagon can drive down the street

Big wheels on a camaro...just because

the pedal cars were amazing

On the way to OMSI! Gabe waits in the truck

Electic cars get to park and plug in for free

Johnny, Chris, Gabe and MIchael in infrared

And now time for Star Wars in 3D!

I am not even going to pretend to know much about cars. I can say these were pretty. Some were big, some were small, some strange and some way cool. We had a good time wandering around looking at everything anyways. They even had pedal cars and bicycles. It was the 60th show so there were some past vehicles from the PRS (Portland roadster Show) Hall of Fame that were there being shown off. There were also some big names from the industry with designers and customizers such as Chip Foose, John D’Agostino, Gene Winfield and Dave Kindig (from the TV show “Bitchin’ Rides”. OK so I may not know who they are, but I have heard of at least a couple of them!

We talked to the owners of a Mustang called “Eleanor”. Same as the one featured in the movie “Gone in 60 Seconds”. They told us they did part of Route 66 in it. They had a place where water crossed the road. The traffic cop at the water said they could drive through it to get out. They said “No”. They had to be talked into driving through or getting stranded. They really considered how long they would get stranded. They finally drove through. They were more worried about the car getting messed up in the water. Fortunately no harm was done. Nice people.

The roadsters sure were pretty. They were so sleek there were not even door handles, inside or out. As it turns out they open by remote. It makes for much cleaner lines.

On another day we returned to Portland with Chris's family, and our nephew Johnny. We went to OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry). The travelling exhibit was called Game Master and all about the history of video games. They had a lot of them set up like and arcade. They also had tables with board games, and computers that you could play computer games on. There was a time limit of 15 minutes of play time per game. Fortunately for us going up on a Tuesday it was not too crowded. We ere able to play Centipede, Space Invaders, and Asteroids. We learned that when Space Invaders first came out in Japan, it caused a national shortage of coins! I admit to having spent a "few" quarters on that one myself back in the day! We even tried a dance off with a Wii game there. What a workout!

There were movies playing that day. I was ready to watch the National Parks movie but found out we were too late. Besides that the boys in the group over ruled me anyways and we watched Star Wars the Force Awakens in 3D. It was a great time and a good memory to have as we get ready to leave Oregon.

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