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Foley, AL - Bella Terra RV Resort - site 609

Foley, AL - Bella Terra RV Resort - site 609, another view

Foley, AL - Bella Terra RV Resort - site 609, and another

Foley, AL - Bella Terra RV Resort - site 609, our patio

Foley, AL - Bella Terra RV Resort - site 609, inside the...

Foley, AL - Bella Terra RV Resort - site 609, the view...

Foley, AL - Bella Terra RV Resort - site 609 - this...

Foley, AL - Bella Terra RV Resort - site 609 - a...

Chattahoochee, Fl to Foley, AL - our route - 190 miles

Gulf Shores Trip 1 - everything is very beachy here

Gulf Shores Trip 2 - and colorful

Gulf Shores Trip 3

Gulf Shores Trip 4 - and lots of hotels

Gulf Shores Trip 5

Gulf Shores Trip 6 - it looks like sun deck roofs on...

Gulf Shores Trip 7 - colorful vacation homes

Gulf Shores Trip 8 - more vacation rentals of all different colors

Gulf Shores Trip 9

Gulf Shores Trip 10 - the sugar white beaches of the gulf...

Gulf Shores Trip 11

Gulf Shores Trip 12 - the wind was up and the water...

It was an easy 190 miles from Chattahoochee to Foley, all on I-10 until just past Pensacola when we started south. We gave the Mothership a drink just after entering Alabama for 1.99/gal. It only took 48 gallons so we filled up for less than C-note - imagine that!! We like to keep the tank close to full when we stop, if convenient, as that discourages moisture in the tank and also allows us to run the generator if needed for an extended time or to just escape in case of an emergency. Doris was having trouble with the camera so again we have no pictures of the trip though we wouldn't have taken many in any case.

We are staying at the Bella Terra RV Resort just southeast of Foley and it is the first park named RV Resort we have stayed in that really fits the name. It is an ownership park where the sites are individually owned but most are also available for rent most of the time when the owner is absent. We have a pull-in, lake-front site which is very large and landscaped with manicured greenery all around it. It has a large colored concrete patio replete with gazebo and a couple of outdoor dining sets. The utilities are right where they should be for a motorhome and everything works perfectly. They have several WiFi routers throughout the park and I can see nine of them from inside the Mothership with several reading four or five bars. The Verizon signal is very strong and the satellite was an easy set up. Life is VERY good!

We didn't do much while here but just relax and enjoy the weather. It has been in the 70s each day with a good breeze during daylight so we didn't need to run the A/Cs except at night. The day after we got here, we were able to get a detail company come and give the Mothership a good wash and wax. She feels so much better now and looks better as well!! We did make a run down to the Gulf Shores one day and drove along the beach back to the FL/AL line. It reminds you a lot of most beach communities like Daytona Beach, etc.

Tomorrow we start the three day trip to Guadalupe River State Park a little north of San Antonio, TX. Our first stop will be just off I-12 at Livingston, LA.

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