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Elephant Butte Lake

Looking North from the lake

Sign at the dam

The dam

Elephant Butte Lake at the dam

City Park and story of the name for Truth or Consequences

Organ Mountians east of Las Cruces

Organ Mountians at dusk

Another dusk picture

A lone hunter in the evening

We traveled US 70 to Las Cruces, NM where we stayed at Las Cruces KOA. We chose this park because it sits up on a hill overlooking the city and with a great view of the Organ Mountains, one of my favorite range of mountains. The reason we chose to stay here is that I have always wanted to visit Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. One day we did take a drive to that city which is about 80 miles north of Las Cruces. The name of the city always intrigued me so we went to find out why? It seems the town originally known as Hot Springs was crazy about a show called Truth or Consequences hosted by Ralph Edwards. So at a city counsel meeting a vote was taken to rename the city. Ralph Edwards heard about this decision while making the show and annually visited this city which has a Fiesta every year in his honor. The city park is named after him and they still have the Fiesta honoring him to this day. Mystery solved as to the name.

We also drove out to Elephant Lake State Park. This is a very large reservoir behind Elephant Butte Dam. The view from up above the dam was spectacular.

Another day took us to White Sands Missile Range about 27 miles out of Las Cruces. To visit this site you actually go onto the military base and trust me the security is extremely tight. We chose to walk in as our vehicle would have been totally taken apart for inspection. We did go through a security check before they issued us a pass. Finally arriving at the museum, we learned about the earliest testing of missiles from 1948 to today. They do tell you to check US 70 road conditions before traveling between Alamogordo and Las Cruces as testing is still done over this area and the road is closed.

While in New Mexico we decided this would be a could spot to enjoy traditional Mexican food and asked the managers of the park the best place to go. They recommended La Posita in old Mesilla. We went early and glad we did as this is a favorite of many people and by the time we finished eating there was a waiting line out the door. Great food and even better service. Highly recommend this place to anyone. We felt this was better than Coyote Cafe in Santa Fe.

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