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One thing I wanted to accomplish today was to get the truck out and run it for a while to charge the battery and make sure everything is ok.

When I tried to start the truck, the battery was too low to do the job. The truck had been sitting too long.

I took the battery charger across the street along with an extension cord and began putting a charge back into the battery.

While that was happening, I inspected the engine compartment and discovered a mouse nest, which I managed to clean out with a bit of help from a long screwdriver and a couple of skinned knuckles.

After a bit of time, I was able to start the engine. While I left the engine running, I put the tools away, and then took the truck for a drive. It is finally ok and I will take it in to the Ford Dealer to have the oil changed and the 87500 mile check completed.

On this hot day (99 degrees) we allowed the A/C in our RV to run all day. That made it nice and comfortable inside but it sure was hot outdoors.

We picked up Bob & Janet at 4:30 and we drove to the Macaroni Grill for a nice dinner. We all enjoyed the “fresh from the oven” hot bread they serve as an appetizer. The dinner was just fine also.

We enjoyed the company and will say “So Long” to Bob & Janet tomorrow morning. They are headed to Port Aransas for a week, and then to Kerrville for a few days as they make their way back to Missouri.

Marilyn & I slipped into our PJ’s after we arrived back at our little cabin on wheels.

Now we may settle down with a good book before heading off to bed for the night.

Life is Good!

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