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St. Barth's from our stateroom balcony

Aboard the tender heading to shore

"Tenders" for the boats that are anchored off shore in the harbor

Really big yachts

Luxury stores




Many boats


Sailing with the rich and famous

A rugged coast

After dinner we docked at St. Maarten for an amazing show

A large steel drum band began the festivities

Then the strings began to appear


Stilted performers swaggered in the audience

The string ensemble



The audience was enthralled.

The stilts made them ten feet tall!

A standing ovation

The drummers came back

Fireworks ended the grand finale.

Back to the ship

3/22/2016 St. Barth’s & An AzAmazing Evening

This island was named after Christopher Columbus’s brother, Bartholomew. We were anchored out, off the luxury yacht harbor.

There were no planned tours on our agenda today and we made a quick trip to town just to check it out. With luxury shops with steep prices, we soon were back on board the ship. The boats in the harbor and those also tied up at the docks were as ostentatious as the prices in the shops.

Dinner that evening was set to end a bit earlier, so we could attend the AzAmazing evening entertainment on the dock on the nearby island of St. Maarten. The ship set sail to St. Marrten and we were ushered to the “theater” right off the ship’s stern. A steel drum band was playing as our fellow passengers took their seats. We were amazed at the youthfulness of the musicians and their ability to play their drums and do small dance steps to the rhythm of the music.

Soon the main attraction began to blend in with the band. At first a young woman in an elegant white, flowing dress floated onto the stage playing a violin. Then a woman with an electric bass violin took center stage on a rise in the middle of the steel drum band. Then the remainder of the quintet filled in with various electronic string instruments. As the first piece was completed to an overwhelming applause of the audience, the young musicians of the steel drum band made their exit and gave the string group the full attention of the enraptured audience.

Each string musician was equipped with wireless transmitters and they gracefully walked among the audience and with the performers on stilts who had been doing their ten foot “high in the sky” performance before the audience was being seated. They must have been weary by the end of the show!

As the music of the strings began to slow, the steel drum performers returned and as the grand finale began, the sky exploded in fireworks. It was truly an AzAmazing Azamara entrainment extravaganza.

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