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Anchored out with Charlestown Harbor at Nevis

The volcanic mountain that formed this island

Our tour today

Anne & Neil, our driver

A visit to a church

This church is full functional

But this church is just a ruin



No, let Neil do the driving!


The "road" got bumpy.

There were lots of sheep and goats


One of the generators

Having a refreshment

Really an ATV trail

The pink house

On the rocky windward side of the island we were treated to...



Taking in the view

An old limestone kiln.


Laurie and her daughter Emma who were our traveling companions.

Inside the abandoned sugar mill


A quiet pond at a break stop along the way back


Kids along the road


At last – a monkey!


Back to the ship.

3/21/2016 Nevis & Funky Monkey tour

Nevis was a short sail from St. John’s and we had an adventure booked there that would take us around the island – The Funky Monkey!

Our ship’s tender took us to the dock and we found our driver and guide, Neil, in a smooth riding ATV. First we headed to the local Four Seasons resort to pick up two more passengers plus a brave couple who was driving themselves. As we left the town and headed out into the countryside, we stopped at two churches. One was a functioning Anglican (St. Thomas) and the other was a ruin from 1824 (The Cottle Church).

Soon we were off the road and bouncing on fields as we headed to spectacular views of the ocean. We encountered sheep and goats in the fields as well s a modern wind farm with three functioning windmills. Neil pointed out a pink house that he said was the color of choice of the lady of this house. On the rocky windward side of the island we were treated to some spectacular surf. There were also remnants of an old limestone kiln. The fresh sea air was invigorating as were the refreshments (rum and grapefruit juice (Ting) – called a “Ting with a Sting”) served from the back of the ATV. Our companions, Laurie and her daughter Emma posed for pictures at the seashore. Up the hill from the shore was an abandoned sugar mill with rusting boilers and cane cutters in a building that was being restored. This was the last sugar mill to produce on Nevis.

We headed back to the harbor but missed the shops back in Charlestown which closed at 4PM. Anne was hoping to get the unique Nevis Batik, bur we missed that.

On the way back we did get a fleeting glimpse of a real funky monkey running down the road with its long tail bouncing up and down in front of us.

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