Entrance to the lakeside resort

Part of the view out our back window

Part of the view out our back window

We made it, though it took 10 days, 2137 miles, the final day from Tallapoosa was 197 miles. Now, good reader we'll be here about 10 days before leaving once again. If you've checked the itinerary you'll notice that we depart on the 3rd of April for a place near Winston-Salem Lexington, NC.

While we're here though we'll be doing what we can in the way of preparations for our son David's upcoming wedding, which will be at the end of April. Several things have to be arranged this week. We have to find and arrange the location for the rehearsal dinner. Also, find and arrange the location for the "Gentlemans Gathering". Dave needs to be fitted for his wedding suit at Men's Wharehouse. Then there are the myriad details within each of these three preparatory things. We sure don't want to be the fulcrum upon which any wedding disasters hinge. So it's attention to details, details, details.

This Pointes West Army resort has been a mainstay for us when ever we have been in this area. We refer to it as one of our "home bases". This week the city of Augusta is in full swing getting everything ready for the players and the visitors coming to Augusta for the Masters Golf Tournament at the Augusta National Golf Club. The city is getting all spruced up and looking great.

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