Jerry at Nanaimo Harbor Walk..

Jerry looking at the starfish, they are all over the water..

The best I could get :-)

We enjoyed shopping in the unique shops..

Cool starfish.....

We love this cool restaurant built on pilings....

Incredible view from our table..

Lots of planes landing and taking off..

Crabbing and fishing pier in the distance..

We sat on the bench and enjoyed people watching..:-)

Boats arrive with fresh fish and crabs for sale..


Jerry checking out the fish...

Another cool restaurant on the harbor..

Our next stop was the shopping mall for Best Buy...then Costco..

Wowser trees blooming all over town..

Closer view of one of them...



Last of the trees.. :-)

Last one, check out this beauty...

We had a fun day of shopping and walking in Nanaimo today. We walked along the awesome harbor walkway and watched all the birds, we had lunch at the Lighthouse Bistro. Our table had a perfect view of the snow-capped mountains and the seaplanes taking off and returning. The plane terminal is in the other half of the building used for the restaurant. The restaurant is sitting on pilings lifted above the water. We had delicious clam chowder and salads along with incredible views.

After lunch, we shopped in the unique gift shops with all sorts of sea items. We could see the starfish in the water, all the gift shops had some type of starfish for sale. We saw signs showing where you can buy fresh fish and crabs. There is also a crabbing and fishing pier at the other end of the walk, it is famous for a local seal named “Lucy”, she has realized the fishermen throw away some very tasty bits in the water. We will be going to the pier and looking for Lucy later.

Spring trees are blooming all over town, I am adding a few of them and pictures from the harbor walk and hope you enjoy.

Happy Easter to everyone tomorrow! Check back later for more from Nanaimo.

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