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Even the Dogs say "So Long"1


Bob, Janet, Coletta, and Chuck

Marian & Mike

Part of the gang

Danny and Tonny

Mike begging for Marian's Food?

Ripping it up

Coletta & Chuck

Marian & Mike

What happens in Mexico...

Marian dancing with ???


We drove over to Bentsen Palms Village, the resort next door to ours, to say “So Long” and wish safe travels to Steve & Cathy.

After doing just that, we climbed in with Bob & Janet for the drive to Progreso, Mexico.

Once we crossed the border we joined Mike & Marian and Chuck & Coletta, at the place we now call “Janet’s Bar”.

We enjoyed a margarita with our friends, and then headed on south, down the busy sidewalks, to the Red Snapper restaurant.

From this point on, the primary drink of choice was Coke.

We certainly enjoyed the food, the live music, and the company.

We talked, laughed, danced, and sang aloud, having a fine couple of hours together. I have pictures to share with you.

After this fine time together, Mike & Marian along with Chuck & Coletta, went their own way, while Bob and I stopped at Rafiella’s for a haircut. Janet and Marilyn relaxed while enjoying a pedicure.

We made another stop, this time on the US side of the border, to purchase some of the famous Texas Sweet 1015 Onions.

It was around 4:00 by the time we arrived back at our little condo on wheels.

Marilyn & I grabbed a bite to eat and then sat down in front of the TV to relax.

I called Steve to check on their progress, and discovered that they were nearly all set up at Buckhorn RV Resort in Kerrville, Texas.

Tomorrow we have nothing on our agenda other than a few chores.

Life is Good!

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