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Karla and Jeff Moyer and Daughter, Laurie

Karla, Laurie, Ryan, Sarah, Sul, Sameera and Jeff

Sarah, Sul and Sameera Sharif

Easter Eggs - My Green One at Top

Dinner Table - Ryan, Sarah and Sul

Top to Bottom: Jeff, Karla, Glenda, Sarah, Ryan, Laurie, Sul & Sameera

This has been a very good day. We had a nice Easter service at church and even had nice cool weather to make the picture complete. This evening I had dinner with Jeff and Karla Moyer, their daughter Laurie and son-in-law Ryan Goldstein. Other guests were Sameera Sharif and her children, Sarah and Sul. Sameera lives in California now but has bought a house in Pflugerville and is hoping to transfer to Lackland Military Base in San Antonio. Sarah and Sul both live in Austin. The Moyers’ condo is just a few blocks from where I live.

Before dinner we all decorated our own hard-boiled eggs. Karla also had Laurie, Ryan, Sarah and Sul hide jelly beans in different rooms. Then Ryan and Sarah switched rooms with Sarah and Sul to hunt for the jelly beans hidden by the other two.

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