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10 a.m. to 7 p.m. - long layover in Maakasar. Hotel arranged taxi to a very tiny airport - only Lion Air lands here (see photos)

Plane was late so consequently we did not get to Seminyak and Bintang Market (where Mare arranged to meet Michael) until past 9 p.m. due to huge amount of traffic (one hour - airport to market). The taxi driver was good at avoiding jam ups using back and side streets. B & M arranged with him (driver) to pick them up at 6:30 a.m. to go to the airport for their flight to E. Timor tomorrow.


Bon & I went on to Hotel Primera where we had stayed our first night in Bali...after a good salad dinner at Cafe Seminyak. On the way a woman offered a room for 250,000 which I later checked out. Since it is near by everything I decided it was my best deal given the circumstances i.e. staying in Bali. Plus B & M are leaving their packs with me, they're just taking small carry ons with minimal stuff for 4 days in E.T. Bon stayed up all night washing clothes, repacking, and using wifi trying to book best flights back to E. Coast - visit friend Jodie - and then onward to Missoula the first week in May.

I slept little and after a quick trip to ATM at 6 a.m. for necessary $$$ for me in Bali (E. Timor uses Australian and US dollars), B & M left with taxi of night before.

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