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Take off from Ternate

View from above...

Looking back at Ternate...puffs of smoke from volcano

Coming in to Manado

Some LP Togean Is. info

Map of Sulawesi

Map of Togeans

View out our balcony - MickyDs across the way


View out our balcony - the other way

And View out our balcony - still another way

Some of the sights nearby out hotel

Some of the sights nearby out hotel

These blue guys are the minivans that handle the mass transit very...


Bon spends a.m. doing more LP planning for onward. We leave via taxi (150,000 = $12 US) to airport at 1 p.m. 40 minute plane trip - up and down - still Garuda with squeezed in a box snack and drink, ha. We somehow won a lottery for this flight and were assigned 1st class seats, YES! Much more leg room.


Local Manado time is 1 hour back so we arrive before we left Ternate, ha! Bon read in LP that we could save $$ taking the local minivans to downtown - a short walk out of the airport area. Bon had consulted with the government tourist office and the gal there was very helpful with instructions about minivans. The minivan was 8,500 rupiah each vs taxi (to ? we only knew of 2 LP recommended hotels in our price range) at 35,000 rupiah each!


A very nice gal in the second minivan who knew some English led us to what she said used to be Hotel Rex (LP suggested). If it was it is now totally remodelled and over 1,000,000 r. for a room! They were very helpful, however, recommending Hotel Wisata, just a few blocks away. It is much more in our price range 390,000 r. for 3 people room = $10 US per person!

Dinner at MickyDs down the way from the hotel - a madhouse with a 5 year anniversary celebration band and give aways. Like a huge birthday party, every table crammed with people and the kidsland at this MickyDs is HUGE. My first real 'meal' since leaving Bali - I do not like Indo food...have I mentioned that??



Sunday...We'd planned on going to Buniken by ferry to check out snorkelling and accommodations there but no ferry on Sunday. Bummer. Instead we spent the day 1st at MickyDs, then at the hotel trying to plot our next 2 weeks, plus book flights (3). Mari was able to book one, Bon none. Problem was our credit card was rejected some where along the way. Bon called BofA and reiterated our travel plans (countries) so they'd know.


We finally walked some 2+ km. to the Lion Hotel where we hoped to connect directly with the airline. Being Sunday - closed, no success. We'll go tomorrow when they open at 8 a.m. Stopped at a Wendy's for potato and salad.

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