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In spite of the fact that the forecast called for a high temperature of 79 degrees today, it was only 52 degrees as the sun began to peek over the palm trees.

We debated whether or not we should take our coffee outdoors.

The call of the patio won out so we donned sweatshirts and headed to the awesome outdoors. Soft music and the birds singing provided atmosphere for our coffee time.

We spoke to our daughter, Jennifer, on the phone, and chatted with Steve & Cathy over the fence.

It is sometimes difficult for us to get going, even after the coffee is gone, but we finally decided to start the few chores we needed to get done.

I made the bed while Marilyn fixed a breakfast of pancakes and bacon.

She put some corned beef in the crockpot and I will fix the cabbage, potatoes and an onion later.

I decided to fill and then drain the hot water heater in the coach house. I had drained it a few days ago but decided that I should rinse it out, so I busied myself with that little chore. It didn’t take long and I was finished and had the hose and the ladder put away.

I spent some time reading and then Marilyn & I went outdoors to the patio. I noticed Steve & Cathy outdoors and waved them over.

I had printed out some directions for Steve, as they are leaving next Monday. Bob & Janet are leaving one week from today.

Our time is also growing short and it won’t be long before we are back in Missouri having fun with the grandkids.

Oh Yeah! Life is Good!

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