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The transition from GreatCall to TracFone has been less than smooth, to say the least. They cannot transfer my contacts to my new phone so they have to send me a new SIM card with the contact information from GreatCall on it. Then I insert the new SIM card into the TracFone. I was told by a Chat agent that the order had been processed on March 20 and that I would receive the SIM card in two business days (March 22, by my reckoning). However, I still had not received the card as of yesterday afternoon’s mail delivery, so I used their Chat again last night. That agent couldn’t tell whether it had shipped or not; there was no tracking number. She ended up telling me that I had to call their customer care representative from another phone in order for them to help me. This morning I went back to Walmart and a man in their electronics department got the issue resolved for me. He tested both the placing and receiving of calls on the phone to make sure it was working. I hope the going will be smoother from now on.

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