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Ocean Star, a retired offshore oil drilling platform

Pelican Island?

I never knew oil wells curved underground.

Yesterday we took our leave from Glenn and Connie as we turned South towards Houston. They will continue East on I-20 as we head for the coast. It was 280 down I-45 but it took us over 5 hours because of traffic, accidents, and construction.

Today we ran down to Galveston to do a couple things we didn't get to do last time. We started at The Offshore Rig Museum. This is a retired offshore oil drilling platform that is now a museum and information center for the oil drilling companies.

From there, we went down the block to view a video presentation, "The Great Storm". This recounted the history of Galveston and it's destruction in a hurricane in 1900 that killed thousands. It was interesting to see how they built a seawall and raised the city 17 feet so they wouldn't be hit so badly again.

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