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Linn County Covered Bridge Tour

View from Mom and Dads hill

Willamette Valley Green. This should be a paint color!

Hoffman Bridge 1936

Gilkey Bridge 1939

Shimanek Bridge. Nice gothic windows. 1966

Shimanek in better light. A beautiful red bridge

Inside Shimanek Bridge

Little tiny cup fungus. Its not just about bridges!

Hannah Bridge. 1936. There used to be a rope swing under this...

Inisde Hannah Bridge

Thompsons Creek from Hannah Bridge and the swimming hole.

More Willamette Valley View

And we saw sheep! There are thousands of sheep here.

Country driving

Larwood Bridge built 1939

Ferns and moss near Larwood

And a bee. Must be spring time

This girl was quite happy with her catch! Crabtree creek under Larwood...

Rocky the flying squirrel?

Weddle Bridge. Redone in 1990.

Ladybug on a Douglas Fir

Short Bridge 1945

South Fork Sanitam River from Short Bridge

Crawfordsville Bridge

It has been raining here a lot. Even some of the locals are getting tired of the wetness and dismal skies. So where there is a break in the rain, we go out. Somewhere. Anywhere. Just to soak up some sunshine. This time we decided to do the Linn County Covered Bridge Tour. There are nine covered bridges here in this county alone. If we would have continued on to neighboring counties, we could have seen more than 21 covered bridges all within an easy drive. Most of these were built around 1930 – 1940. They were covered due to the large amount of rain in this area, and it helped to make them last longer since the decks were made of wood. Now they are being preserved and have become a draw for tourism. Enjoy the pictures!

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