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Talking Waters uses a series of waterfalls to cool the water

This was an old loading dock that is now a water feature

Gravity feeds the water through three levels of pools

Native marsh plants aid in the filtering process

Pied Billed Grebe

Marsh Wren

An interupted Mallards bath

Frogs are plentiful

This frog became lunch for a Great Blue Heron

American Coot

Lincolns Sparrow

Northern Shoveler

Red Winged Blackbird

Turtles enjoy the sun too

Cinnamon Teal

Fox Sparrow

Ruby Crowned Kinglet

Brown Creeper

Marsh Wren

Mallard trying to tuck in like a turtle?

Mallard Parking Lot

COmmon Merganzers walking on water


One of the places I have been going to is Talking Waters in Albany. It is a great place to take a walk, do some birdwatching, and take photos. There used to be a lumber mill and a railroad on site. These have been torn down. Now it is part of a water treatment area. Clean water leaving the water treatment plant is too warm. Talking Waters was developed to cool the water before it is returned to the Willamette River through a series of waterfalls and weirs where the water can be oxygenated and cooled. It is the sound of the waterfalls that give it the name of Talking Water. It is environmentally engineered so it uses natural processes and wetlands to do this. These wetlands are a magnet to local wildlife. They have documented over a hundred species of birds and small mammals that have visited or nested here. There are about two miles of trails throughout this place that make it a great place to go out and enjoy nature.

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