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Elaine's photos displayed in this entry capture the mosque after the storm

Elaine and I in our head scarves

View through the arch

Mosque under an ever changing sky tonight.

It looks like Al is being serious but of course he's not.

Posing for Elaine

Waiting for the others touring inside the mosque

Yes, I'm married to a goofball.

Going to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque never gets old. Elaine and Dick had not visited yet so off the four of us went on a Monday evening. The sky was threatening rain again and we were not sure how the mosque would look after the huge storm went through. Much to our delight, the crowds were almost non-existent tonight.

The damage was very evident especially on the floor tiles that were flooded during the storm. Many areas surrounding the outside of the mosque were out of bounds to tourists because of the damage. Still, we could see much of the beautiful mosque as the night sky darkened to dusk.

Inside the mosque was spared from the storm with no damage. Al, Elaine and Dick entered to see the inside but I was stopped at the entrance. Apparently my black pants were see through enough to reveal the outline of my legs. I waited on a bench just outside the doors while they went in. I could have gone to get an abaya but decided it was not necessary to view the inside of the mosque again anyway. Elaine found this wonderful website full of information about this mosque. Check out

Visit Info on the Grand Mosque

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