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Campeche - A World Heritage Site

Colonial Building on the Parque Principal

Cathedral on the Parque Principal

Colonial Building

Ex-Templo de San Jose - Now a Cultural Center

Colonial Interior - Municipal Museum

Colonial Interior - Municipal Museum

Courtyard Interior - Municipal Museum

Colonial Church


The Sea Gate

Botanical Gardens in Restored Baluarte

Baluarte Interior - The Land Gate

Interior of Mansion Carvajal

Interior of Mansion Carvajal

Calle 59

Calle 59




The Cathedral and Parque Principal at Night

The Cathedral at Night

Lobby of Central Colonial Hotel

The roads from Uxmal are backroads. Scarcely any traffic. We pass through small towns that share little with the lights of the tourist coasts. Not much to see; so MUCH to see. We stop in a small town for the Saturday market. The highlight here appears to be the visit of the Corona Girls.

Campeche - World Heritage Site

Campeche was once the major port of the Yucatan. Today it retains a good deal of its Colonial charm. To repel frequent pirate attacks eight baluartes (bastions) were built and today are converted into various uses from museums to a botanical garden. The Historic District abuts the waterfront. In the mornings joggers, walkers, cyclists emerge before the heat of midday for their exercise.

The entire Historic District is packed with colonial architecture, many buildings are still in use, some abandoned for the moment, some roughly subdivided into apartments. There are a number of churches, converted mansions, statuary to enjoy. Campeche is not yet a busy tourist mecca, just an attractive relaxed place to visit. The one discordant note is the State Legislature building which somewhat resembles an alien spaceship.

Campeche is a pleasant place to wander around, especially in the evening when things cool off and the calles (streets) are pleasantly lit, the restaurants on Calle 49 open, and the tourist police patrol on their Segways. I think mounted police would be better. I really do.

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