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We shared another wonderful day today. Our day began as usual with coffee outdoors. Bob walked over to join us and we enjoyed the conversation a lot.

When Bob left for home, it was a signal to Marilyn & I to get busy.

We completed the normal chores and then had everything ready for the Humana Sales Rep who arrived right on time at 10:30.

We have had a Humana prescription drug plan for a number of years, as we were residents of South Dakota. When we recently became Texas residents, we had to change our plan.

Actually it saved us money to change the plan, so what we lost with car insurance changing to Texas, we gained back in Health insurance. It’s all a wash in the end so Life is Good!

Once the Sales Rep left, Marilyn & I headed off to Penitas to the Walmart, for a few supplies.

We ate a bite of lunch around 1:00 and then changed clothes and were ready to head to Mike & Marian’s home for a nice evening of good food, wine, and a rollicking game of Mexican Train, with lots of laughter and good natured ribbing. Chuck & Coletta made the evening complete and we had a great time.

It was close to 9:00 by the time we arrived back home, so we changed into our PJ’s and went back outdoors to sit under the pergola, listening to the night sounds and enjoying the nice breeze.

It was a busy day but a very nice day and we sure enjoyed the good friends and all that the day had to offer.

Oh, by the way, Mike, the editor of my book, sent an email with chapter two complete. With the introduction and two chapters complete, my book is that much closer to becoming a reality.

Only 29 chapters to go to have it complete. LOL

One thing I know for sure. Life is Good!

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